Jul 152015

Summer cries!
After many, many months of silence; I am pleased to announce the official release of “Solitude” The debut EP of Galathilion ~ a project between both myself, and Luthien of Maglor; which ventures deep into the darkwave and classical realms. Long has work on this album been within the shadow of the studio, and at long last it has been finalized and brought together. The album released Sunday July 12th in digital download format via the Galathilion bandcamp page. See link below..
Feel free to take a listen, and I hope you enjoy.

Solitude 2015 Cover Art

With this release, focus can ~ and will ultimately return to more Eldensky writing. Look ever towards future updates..


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Nov 122013

Mighty hails!

As the winter snows begin to fall here in the Rockies, Dimiarch at Metal Soundscapes was kind enough to scribe down his review of “From Forgotten Pagan Realms.” Many thanks Dimiarch for your words and support! You can check out the review here.

Additionally, I have finally been able to add some new works to the “Wallpaper” section of the site. These are a result of some recent photography outings near my home.
Unfortunately there has still been no further progress on the music production side of things….as the studio is still being repaired. Things should however finally return to normal in mid December – and some composing can hopefully begin again come the new year.

I thank you for your patience.

Aug 292013

Mighty late Summer hails,

Long has Eldensky slumbered these past several years, as much focus has been currently on other projects. Many apologies for lack of recent updates, as both Maglor’s debut release “Call of the Forest” as well as a return to some old Heliacal compositions has taken up a large portion of my free time. Aside from this, Sounds of the Land Studio’s is currently in a state of flux; some reno’s are currently underway due to the mountain flooding we sustained during late June. As a result, Eldensky has thus been quietly dwelling within shadows for quite some time now with nothing new yet scribed or laid down.

However, once repairs are complete (possibly early Autumn), the mayhem of Summer will subside and I can finally return to composing – all within a brand new and updated studio space. Several new studio additions have also taken place ~ including a massive upgrade in studio monitors (Yamaha HS80M’s) \m/
Updates during this next while will most likely continue to remain few…. But look ever towards the horizon as Eldensky shall again awaken once more….

My thanks,

May 262012

At long last….a release date has finally been set for Maglor’s upcoming full-length debut “Call of the Forest” – June 9th!!

Maglor has been working extremely hard in the studio over the past several months, bringing together this near-hour long epic which shall see the light of day in the next several weeks. Additionally, a second album preview has been put together; featuring some extended clips from the last medley, as well as some brand new sections.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

I have been focusing heavily on Maglor over the last while….both in and out of the studio. However, within the coming months – I shall again return my gaze to Eldensky; and thus resume the creation of, finally…some new Eldensky material.


Apr 142012

Several site updates have taken place; mainly script editing and modifying ~ I have also added in a new “Legends” section to the site; which holds all the lyrics found on “FFPR.”

Relentless final mixing and mastering work on the upcoming Maglor album “Call of the Forest” has been underway at Sounds of the Land Studio’s over the past several weeks; and a short 3 minuet preview medley has been released on Maglor’s homesite and Soundcloud.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

We are getting ever closer to completely finalizing the album….watch for release date info within the next several weeks on the various Maglor pages…

Once this album has seen the light of day….my focus will then turn to re-learning a new DAW – as I make the shift from Pro Tools to Reaper. There may be some small overhauls/upgrades within the studio, and ultimately…work on brand new Eldensky material can eventually commence.