Feb 162011

Mighty Hails!!

The day has finally come! The long awaited full-length album “From Forgotten Pagan Realms” is now out. This album managed to withstand a rather lengthy “growing” process – but eventually battled through delays and several other minor setbacks. It is now upon us!

As “From Forgotten Pagan Realms” is an independent release; it is currently only available through my own label: “Sounds of the Land Records” via the Eldensky home-site. Visit the “Market” section for ordering and shipping info. There are currently no plans for digital downloads (through iTunes, CD Baby, etc.) of any material; however, this could very well change within the coming weeks/months.

Many thanks again for your patience and feedback. It is more than appreciated.

Heathen Regards,

Feb 082011

Hails brethren!

The day has nearly arrived…”From Forgotten Pagan Realms” will be released on February 16th, 2011 – with shipment over seas far and vast. Visit the Market section for pricing and shipping info.
The days have been long, the road has been dark; but nonetheless, there is victory upon the distant horizon. I thank you again for your patience,it is most appreciated.

Heathen regards,