Mar 212011

Dark Hails,

It has been a little over a month since the release of FFPR; and with gradual receding of deep winter snows, comes the slow awakening of silent lands. This last month has seen a return to studio knowledge-building as one might say: Delving ever-deeper into the vast and complex world of music recording and producing. Much attention is now being directed towards Maglor; another Folk Metal project I am currently associated with. Writing and composing has been taking place at both Sounds of the Land Studio’s and Forest Minstrel Studio’s (lair of fellow bard; Draendil). Check out the Maglor Homepage for further info.

Underground Metal Webzine; Forbidden Magazine has just recently posted an album review of FFPR. You can check it out via the link in the Reviews Section. Many thanks to Mahesh at Forbidden Magazine for taking time to listen and review.

FFPR is still currently only available online through Sounds of the Land Records. Check out the Market section for ordering and shipping info.

Dark regards fellow brethren, pints raised for the support!