Jul 122011

Mighty hails brethren,

It has been nearly four months since I have posted any such updates or the like…having been significantly busy within the confines of Sounds of the Land Studio’s. Much effort has indeed been put forth lately on new Maglor material (possible upcoming winter release)…writing and composing continues…

Due to this and other commitments, no new Eldensky material has commenced as of late. Aside from this however; numerous studio updates have taken place, including some software upgrades as well. Promotion of FFPR continues with the most recent support coming from Dark Tear of Metal Compendium and Blog site: Metal Believe. She recently took the time to write both an in-depth album review as well as an interview on select aspects of Eldensky, FFPR, studio updates, and more. Many thanks to Dark Tear for her epic work and much appreciated support!

Check out the interview and her other work here:
Metal Believe Interview

Along with this…several other reviews of FFPR have also been written since its release. Links can be found in the album reviews section.
The next few months will consist of more studio work on upcoming Maglor compositions, etc. Eldensky will indeed be in slumber over most of this Summer; however, inspirations can and will always arise…

Dark regards,

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