Jan 272012

Another review has been written on “From Forgotten Pagan Realms” courtesy of Legion at Metal Made in Canada. Many thanks and pints raised to Legion for the kind words, and support! A link to the review can be found on the sidebar…

In other news; cover art and track info for the upcoming Maglor release: “Call of the Forest” has been unveiled on our homesite. Check it out! Work on vocal tracking continues, with progress slowly being made. This should continue for another several weeks at most; however, a release date is yet to be decided.


Jan 122012

Hails from the studio,

Recently, Sounds of the Land Studio’s has undergone a small but significant upgrade. I have switched over to Window’s 7 and thus had to reinstall all of my music production software (a rather grueling process…). This however has led to an overall smoother running studio and has also allowed me to upgrade my RAM (much better for numerous memory intensive production programs as you can imagine).

Aside from this….much work and effort has presently been focused on the completion of the still unrevealed, upcoming Maglor release – set for (hopefully) sometime within the next several months. Production has been delayed several times due to all members needing to fulfill other important commitments, as well as being simply; ‘away’ from the studio. That being said, recording of ALL instruments has been finally completed, and the overall layout, album art, and design is being finalized. This ultimately leaves only the vocals, followed by some heavy mixing and mastering to bring it all together. This has indeed been a rather long quest; nevertheless, great progress has thus been made since the beginning, and we are so far very pleased with how the album is turning out.

More posts shall follow ~ with a possible revealing of the album name/art/track listing in the near future…..