Aug 292013

Mighty late Summer hails,

Long has Eldensky slumbered these past several years, as much focus has been currently on other projects. Many apologies for lack of recent updates, as both Maglor’s debut release “Call of the Forest” as well as a return to some old Heliacal compositions has taken up a large portion of my free time. Aside from this, Sounds of the Land Studio’s is currently in a state of flux; some reno’s are currently underway due to the mountain flooding we sustained during late June. As a result, Eldensky has thus been quietly dwelling within shadows for quite some time now with nothing new yet scribed or laid down.

However, once repairs are complete (possibly early Autumn), the mayhem of Summer will subside and I can finally return to composing – all within a brand new and updated studio space. Several new studio additions have also taken place ~ including a massive upgrade in studio monitors (Yamaha HS80M’s) \m/
Updates during this next while will most likely continue to remain few…. But look ever towards the horizon as Eldensky shall again awaken once more….

My thanks,