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  1. Hail, fellow heathen!

    I greatly enjoy your music, and thank you for making it.


  2. My epic brother
    You are a knight of many talents
    Your music makes all dwarfs dance with bells on
    Love you beren

  3. Well done my Son…keep thy sword sharp and lute dry….

  4. Impressive!!

  5. Salut! to you beloved nephew … I offer generous praise for your talent and commitmemnt to this your personal epic journey and I shall await with eagerness the next opportunity to raise a pint in celebration together. Love you Beren

  6. Hails from Winterland Guys !!!!


  7. Hails from canada!!!!!

  8. Hail from Holland! I love Eldensky and would love to get my hands on some Maglor and Draendil as well.

  9. Great debut album! Very good music was born (and will be born, I’m sure) from Canada this past year! Keep with the good work! Hail from Bulgaria.

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